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    #1 Rubbish Removal Sydney: Cheapest Waste Disposal

    Recycle Rubbish Removal Sydney


    All rubbish is carefully disposed of at approved waste recycling centers, ensuring waste is disposed of safely.

    Affordable Rubbish Removal Sydney


    We provide rubbish removal services at affordable prices throughout all Sydney areas.



    Fast, friendly and reliable - even same day junk collection service!



    We provide same day rubbish removal service provides Sydney fast and efficient way of removing rubbish.

    Great prices, best customer service and attention to detail. When you use Super Cheap Rubbish Removal you are dealing with Sydney's # 1 rubbish removal team with years of experience in helping Sydney siders with their rubbish removal. Get in touch with us today and see why working with us is super easy - WE WORK SYDNEY WIDE - no job too large or too small.
    Super Cheap Rubbish Removal Sydney

    Cheap Rubbish Removal in Sydney

    We refuse to be beaten on price when it comes to any Sydney rubbish removal! We pride ourselves on being the best and cheapest junk collection service in Sydney.

    Speak to Sydney’s Super Cheap Rubbish Removal when you need the most affordable junk disposal in NSW. We take unwanted items such as furniture and whitegoods from your home or workplace and deal with it in the most appropriate way we can find.

    Our team are trained and experienced in household, office, commercial, construction and industrial garbage disposal. We can clear your old and broken items from any building from apartments to factories and warehouses, and even construction sites in Sydney!

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    All work is undertaken is strict accordance with New South Wales and National Fair Trading Laws

    Our people fully tackle anything you need them to do and they do it all with a smile. Whether you need an attic cleared or an office stripped out we can handle the job – and we will clear up the mess afterwards! We can help you at the end of your lease when you need to move everything out and clean up, or if you’re a landlord we can do the same when you are between tenants!

    Our Cheap Sydney Rubbish Removal is Environmentally Friendly

    We see it as our duty to ensure that our Sydney CBD rubbish removals are as environmentally friendly as possible. We will recycle as much of your junk as possible and donate anything still usable to charitable organisations.

    Most of your old furniture and whitegoods can be broken up into different materials, many of which can be recycled. Your refrigerator, for example, is mostly hard plastics that can’t be reused but it has a substantial amount of copper as well, which can be melted down and reforged. Wooden furniture can be turned into chipboard, and metals are generally recyclable as well.

    We break up your junk (after your cheap rubbish removal in Sydney) and take everything that can be recycled to the appropriate centres. Super Cheap Rubbish Removal work hard to make sure that as little of your old stuff as possible ends up in a landfill or at the tip!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Rubbish Removal

    Super Cheap provides hands-on junk collection service at a very competitive rates. We are a turnkey alternative to standard rubbish removal services. We do most of the work. If your rubbish is not dangerous and we can put it in our truck, we take care of it! We even clean the area once we are done that other waste disposal service doesn’t do. You will not hurt your back and your house will not be damaged: we load the items in the truck for you, and we clean the place before leaving.

    Super Cheap Rubbish removal in Sydney can be very affordable. We always offer discounts for Sydney’s locals. Contact us today for a free rubbish collection quote.

    Sorting your waste protects our soil, our water … and therefore our health! Dumping junk in the wilderness is polluting our land. Most waste takes years to degrade and disappear. Some contain toxic substances that will seep into the soil and groundwater and thus contaminate them. Sorting and recycling your waste is not only preserving nature but also our health. The goods we consume are produced from raw materials that are not inexhaustible. Sorting our waste to be reused or transformed into secondary raw materials means saving natural resources that we will miss tomorrow. For example, by recycling 1 tonne of aluminium, 2 tonnes of bauxite are saved. Recycling 1 ton of paper saves 17 trees. Recycling 1 tonne of PET plastic saves 800 kg of crude oil. Making new products from recycled raw materials is a source of energy savings. Indeed, extraction and processing of raw materials consume more energy than recycling. Thus, for example, recasting aluminium cans means saving 95% of the energy used for extracting this metal.

    Garden waste – Small tree clippings, yard clean-ups, and all green waste

    Household rubbish – Household rubbish is made up of household rubbish and other similar waste, which, depending on their characteristics, can be collected and processed by local authorities. Included are old furniture, white goods, household items and electronics.

    Common industrial rubbish – Non-hazardous, non-inert, non-toxic rubbish produced by industries, businesses, craft enterprises and services. It contains: waste common to companies (cardboard packaging, wood, plastic covers, scrap metal, packaging waste, etc.)

    The only sustainable way to keep Sydney beautiful for future generations is to re-cycle, using our waste processes to recycle end-of-life items that need to go to the dump or tip. Many Sydney councils do not have facilities to recycle electronic waste or bulk waste. We also offer construction site waste removal.

    You can recycle your old sofas, couches and sofas by advertising it online on sites, or even in your local newspaper, or get in touch with our friendly team to book a collection today. We recycle a great amount of our picked up items.

    We are extensively experienced at what we do and have been doing it for years. However, the experience is not the only thing we bring to our customers. On top of being experienced, we are also skilled and have a strong work ethic. You won’t have to worry about a thing when we are the ones removing your rubbish.

    Absolutely! We sort your rubbish and do what is necessary and required. In order to develop the recycling of certain wastes, it is indeed necessary to collect them selectively. Our wide range of services for an ecological waste management of the company contains information and advice on all matters concerning waste management, analyses of internal rubbish management Tailored solutions for the selective collection of all rubbish as well as for their safe and environmentally disposal.

    You do not have to be at your home or workplace for us to remove your rubbish. As long as we have all the needed details and access to your rubbish, we will do our work unsupervised. Our workers are empowered and acknowledged with an understanding of work policies, procedures and business philosophies through organized training. This has earned the efficiency of every team member being capable of executing each part of the job independently and consistently. In addition, we will always be in touch with you in case you have directions for our workers.

    To recycle your mattress, give our team a call today. As we place a great deal of emphasis on recycling as much furniture as possible, SCRR is a great choice for your mattress removal needs.

    In New South Wales (NSW) dumping rubbish is not permitted. Please consider getting in contact with our rubbish collection services via the contact phone number. We can collect your rubbish as soon as today!

    Help keep e-waste out of landfill and recycle your unwanted goods with us. Computer Recycling and Electronic Waste in the City of Sydney Council area – Lane Cove Near You.

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