Get More Out of Council Clean-Ups with Our Expert Help

It’s a fact of city life that not everything you want to throw away is going to be a fit for regular garbage pickups. Abandoned whitegoods, damaged furniture, outdated appliances, organic and green waste, and many other kinds of junk lend themselves poorly to a wheelie bin, so these items need another solution if they aren’t going to just pile up around backyards and driveways. This usually means turning to a 3rd party waste expert, such as Super Cheap Rubbish Removal,

Sydney’s various municipal councils recognise this problem; many of them have policy entitling home and business owners to some number of “council clean-ups” in each financial year. In most cases, this means you can call on your council to come and pick up that hard rubbish you’ve had lying around for months, disposing of it for you free of charge.

There’s no such thing as a free dump

These council clean-ups seem like a fantastic, cost-effective way to get rid of all this refuse without paying a 3rd party contractor, but they are not quite as convenient as it might seem. Councils want their clean-ups to be as efficient and perfunctory as possible, so they will only take specific types of garbage. They also dictate a very specific set of instructions and time window in which to leave out the rubbish for removal, which puts additional pressure and work back on the homeowner.

Should you fail to meet these requirements, the consequences can be dire. Significant fines and sanctions abound, and to add insult to injury your rubbish will not be taken away by the council workers. Instead, materials deemed to be non-compliant become your financial responsibility to remove, along with any other trash which has been illegally and opportunistically dumped there in the meantime. 

Get help at clean-up time from Sydney’s specialist team

Super Cheap Rubbish Removal have spent years helping Sydney residents prepare for council clean-up. Our team provides their usual sterling service, cleaning up around your property and gathering waste for collection. Then we apply our great industry expertise to ensure your pickup load Is compliant with regulations, and you can get away with the easiest, cheapest load of hard rubbish removed in Sydney.