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Do you have an old fridge sitting in your driveway? Piles of shattered tiles? Maybe your shed is covered in old unwanted furniture, or you’re still hanging onto your last 6 broken computers. Many Western Suburbs properties have junk like this hidden away somewhere, and all because of how hard it is to dispose of properly. When the regular garbage pickup won’t take it, the options for most people dwindle fast; tips are far away and expensive, and even if you’re entitled to council clean-ups the fact that you are still responsible for gathering up and putting out the garbage for them is a struggle for many busy residents.
Rubbish Removal Western Suburbs

Don’t worry about all of that; just call on the experts at Super Cheap Rubbish Removal and we’ll take care of business, ensuring that garbage is off your property and properly disposed of that same day.

Ethical, professional, and reliable rubbish removal is our calling card

Super Cheap Rubbish Removal are committed to providing the very best in customer service to Western Suburbs residents and business owners. We always show up on time, working hard to collect and load your rubbish until the job is done. Consummate professionals, our teams know how to handle any kind of hard rubbish; from green waste to discarded electronics, to building debris, to old couches and chairs. We pride ourselves on communicating with customers and treating you and your property with the utmost respect.

We also have a long-standing policy of environmentally sound practice, sorting each load we pick up to allow for ease of recycling. Our routes to the tip always involve stopping at designated Western Suburbs recycling and transfer centres to drop off as much material as possible before moving the dregs on to landfill.

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