The Inner West’s Most Affordable and Effective Rubbish Removal

Not all garbage is created equal; some of it is just too bulky or difficult to get rid of in the conventional weekly pickup. If you can’t find an immediate way to dispose of this junk, it is very likely to just sit around your home or business for months, since a trip to the tip is costly in both time and money even if you have a vehicle or trailer which can carry the stuff. Don’t let this ugly problem drag itself out any longer – if you’re harbouring hard rubbish, it’s time to call the Inner West experts at Super Cheap Rubbish Removal.
Rubbish Removal Inner West

Professional and reliable service is what we aim for on every job

Our teams don’t mess around with your garbage; we have the experience and the professionalism to get the job done first regardless of the type of garbage or the circumstances of the collection. We load all the waste by hand, saving you the work that many of our competitors would ask you to do before they picked the load up. We can deal with green waste, old furniture, discarded electronics, surplus bricks and timber, and any other hard rubbish you can think of. Hired by business owners, councils, and private residents across the Inner West, Super Cheap Rubbish Removal is one service you know you can trust.

Environmentally sound rubbish removal for the Inner West

Super Cheap are here to ensure that you always have an environmentally sound option for getting rid of that old fridge or concrete debris. We have a longstanding commitment to dispose of as much of each load we pick up as possible at designated Inner West recycling and transfer centres. By making sure only the most stubborn waste makes it to landfill, we protect the environment and keep our tipping costs down.

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