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Do you have a rubbish problem that you wish would just disappear? A large pile of junk can seem overwhelming to tackle and could even be dangerous to you and your loved ones if you go about it the wrong way.

Luckily, there’s a better way – Super Cheap Rubbish Removal.

Instead of trying to handle it on your own, you should engage our professional garbage collection services in Sydney so you can have the problem dealt with in a professional and comprehensive manner. No matter if you are a residential homeowner, a commercial premises or industrial site – Super Cheap takes care of the mess so you don’t have to!

No matter if you’re located in the Inner West, Eastern Suburbs or the South-West or anywhere in-between, Super Cheap provides reliable garbage collection services across Sydney.

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Reasons you should hire garbage collection services in Sydney

See how hiring garbage collection services in Sydney will benefit you

In case you didn’t know, there are lots of good reasons to use garbage collection services in Sydney:

  • Is more convenient and affordable than hiring a skip bin
  • Completed by uniformed and insured professionals who have proper training
  • Can be arranged for weekly clear-outs of commercial/industrial waste
  • Disposing of waste in the most ethical manner possible
  • You won’t need to do anything yourself – sit back and watch the mess get taken away!


 It’s against the law in most councils for you to dump rubbish on the side of your street or anywhere else. While some people might take an old dining chair, nobody wants that old mattress and it needs to be disposed of properly with a skip bin or when you hire garbage collection services in Sydney.

How we do things | Our work process

Take a look at our simple process for garbage collection services in Sydney


There are 3 easy parts to working with Super Cheap and we’ve made booking our garbage collection services in Sydney so easy even a child could do it!

Part 1

You give us a call on 0405 075 528 or contact us through our website and explain some basic details about your job. After this, we can arrange a time with you to come to your premises, inspect the job and provide you with a quotation for our garbage collection services in Sydney.

Part 2

If you think our offer for garbage collection in Sydney is reasonable, then we can start moving stuff into the truck then and there or come back at a later time that you decide. We will always take the utmost care while we work so we don’t accidentally scrape or dent something else in your home.

Part 3

As soon as we’ve loaded the last of your rubbish in the truck, we secure it and transport it to be sorted through for recyclable or donatable items. Items like old clothes and textiles can often be donated to a humanitarian charity where someone less fortunate can use them.

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What items are able to be taken with garbage collection in Sydney?

We are able to take away almost everything that isn’t hazardous!

If the item can be carried by our team and is not hazardous (such as asbestos) we are able to take it off your hands and ensure it is disposed of ethically. Some of the common types of items we are called to collect include:

  • Wooden furniture items like tables, chairs, storage etc.
  • Old textiles like decaying mattresses and bedding
  • Cardboard and paper waste (old files, art supplies)
  • Broken or discarded electronics like game consoles, computers and televisions
  • White goods like dishwashers and refrigerators
  • Green waste like tree leaves and grass clippings

Hire the best garbage collection service in Sydney

Take a closer look at our values and see why we’re simply the best choice for garbage collection services in Sydney


At Super Cheap Rubbish Removal our aim is to make working with us not only convenient, but so easy and stress-free that you recommend us every time! We realise that cleaning up a pile of rubbish isn’t the most exciting thing you’ve ever hired someone for, and this is why we have designed our garbage collection services in Sydney in such a way that we get the job done and get out of your hair as quickly as possible.

We do all of this without jeopardising on the quality of our work and without charging you a ludicrous amount of money. When you hire our garbage collection services in Sydney – you always get best.

The Team at Super Cheap Rubbish Removal is:


You can count on us to show up on time and always explain ourselves if we are delayed by something we can’t control. We take our commitments seriously, so unless there is a freak amount of traffic or a sudden accident there’s no reason we can’t arrive on time.


At all stages of engaging our garbage collection services in Sydney you will encounter courteous professionals who always have a polite attitude. This means that we will always practise caution in and around your home so that we never cause a bump or scrape.


We’ve seen and done it all before, so it’s unlikely we’ll come to your premises and not know what do get started with. When we perform our garbage collection services in Sydney, we draw on our past expertise to speed up the job whenever we can.


We run an ethical and environmentally friendly waste management company – this means we recycle or donate absolutely everything we can we performing garbage collection services in Sydney. Old clothes and bedding items can be donated to a charity so those who aren’t as lucky can get use from them.

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