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Have you got a pile of junk at home thats been nagging at you for a while to be removed but you don’t have the time… Nothing is more annoying then seeing the same pile of junk week after week pile up when you come home from work.. With the Super Cheap Rubbish Removal you don’t have to lift a finger, junk removal in Sydney is our game and we love putting a smile on our client’s faces..

Junk Removal Sydney

People often call Super Cheap Rubbish Removal after a major renovation in the back yard or in the house, when cleaning out the garage or simply doing spring cleaning. All of these these things typically lead to a big pile of junk, the hardest part (And most annoying and commonly left out)  is the removal part.

Why choose us for junk removal in Sydney? We’re lean and green

Super Cheap Rubbish Removal has made an ongoing commitment across all of our removal and disposal services, to carry out our work ethically and sustainably. We have researched the impact of junk removal on our shared environment, and make every effort to reduce that impact where we can. Every load of junk we pick up is carefully sorted and distributed to designated recycling and transfer centres, minimising the amount of hard rubbish which actually goes to the tip. This saves the environment and even keeps our total cost in tipping fees low so we can continue to provide great value service.

Our team makes a huge commitment not only to the ecological sustainability of our work (we are not dodgy fly by nighters who dump your junk on the road ruining our lovely environment) but we are also fanatical about great customer service and great pricing.

Why you need to chat to us about your Junk Removal project first: We do not do dodgey “over the phone quotes” that end up multiplying 2 , 3 or 4 fold when we come out onto the job. We come on the job for an obligation quote and always offer the cheapest price